Data compliance & cybersecurity training / workshops

AU $300 | Select 1 hour or 3 hour sessions

Location options include in person throughout Australia, online or pre-recorded sessions.

Our Data Compliance and Cybersecurity Workshop for CAM practitioners is designed to empower participants with crucial knowledge on safeguarding sensitive information (such as client data) and complying with data protection laws. The workshop covers fundamental aspects such as identifying and classifying data, implementing data handling best practices, and developing clear privacy policies. It emphasises cybersecurity fundamentals, employee training, and incident response planning to fortify defenses against cyber threats. Additionally, practical guidance is provided on secure communication tools, third-party risk management, and conducting compliance audits. The workshop aims to equip small businesses with the necessary tools to enhance their data security posture, foster a culture of awareness, and navigate the complex landscape of data compliance and cybersecurity.

The workshop material can be delivered in various methods including presentations to groups, hands on workshops, online discussions and one on one consulting.

Choose between:

  • 1 hour or

  • 3 hours (half day)